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#46 A Haiku by Jan Benson, 2017 April 25th

Di   25 aprile 2017

sharp wound the V of geese drops one brusca ferita la V delle oche ne lascia cadere una Jan Benson Fort Worth, TX, USA ~o~ selected and translated by Lucia Fontana Submit your poem to : ~o~ previously published :


Mainichi Journal seleziona tre haiku di Lucia Fontana nell’ Annual Selection 2016 – Haiku in English Best 2016 – Judge’s comments: Have Unity with Nature Where Haiku Exists

Di   20 aprile 2017

barley expanses like incense smoke the poppy waves ~o~ autumn wind I’m the pomegranate I’m its branch ~o~ biopsy… between me and the sky a rainbow stretched Lucia Fontana ~o~  Selections and comments by Isamu Hashimoto