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#49 Senryū and bio by Jennifer Hambrick, 2017 May 4th

Di   4 maggio 2017

flowering weed maybe she’ll grow out of it fiorisce la malerba forse lei ne verrà fuori Jennifer Hambrick Columbus, Ohio, USA ~o~ Biography A Pushcart Prize nominee, Jennifer Hambrick was a winner in the 2017 international Golden Haiku Competition (Washington, D.C.) and received the Merit Award in the 2017 Montenegrin International Haiku Competition (English). Her… Leggi tutto »


#43 A Senryū and bio by Debbi Antebi , 2017 April 19th

Di   19 aprile 2017

small town life a plane overhead carries my dreams vita in una cittadina un aeroplano in cielo sostiene i miei sogni Debbi Antebi ~o~ Biography Debbi Antebi (@debbisland) lives in London, UK, with her beloved husband and books. Her work has been featured in magazines and journals around the world. She exhales oxygen while writing poems…. Leggi tutto »