#44 Haiku and Bio by Alan Summers, 2017 April 24th

Chanokeburi Selectec Haiku 2

rain then sun. . .
the kingfisher’s lustre
in a heartbeat

pioggia poi sole
lo splendore di un martin  pescatore
in una battito

Alan Summers,

Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

Alan Summers is President of the United Haiku and Tanka Society; a double
Japan Times award-winning writer; recipient of the Ritsumeikan University
of Kyoto Peace Museum Award for haiku (1998); and a Pushcart Prize
nominated poet. He is co-founder of Call of the Page which runs online
courses in haiku and haibun. His latest book Writing Poetry: The Haiku Way
is due out later in 2017.”Widely known haiku poet…as dry as vintage champagne”
Yomiuri Shimbun, 16th September 2002 (newspaper article published for my
birthday while I was in Tokyo)Interview with Sonic Boom magazine about the white paintings of haiku:
http://media.wix.com/ugd/61020d_87ad491fe433421b87e2a87033aca1ad.pdfNHK TV of Japan filmed Alan for a feature called Europe meets Japan – Alan’s
Haiku Journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VS36AGVI6sShort biography:
http://www.unitedhaikuandtankasociety.com/biographies.htmlBiography and list of essays and articles:
Alan Summers è il Presidente della United Haiku and Tanka Society; uno scrittore vincitore per ben due volte del Japan Times award, beneficiario dello Haiku Award dell’ Università Ritsumeikan del Museo della Pace di Kyoto  (1998); un poeta nominato per il Premio Pushcart.
È il co-fondatore di Call of the Page che dà corsi online di haiku e haibun.
Il suo ultimo libro Writing Poetry, The Haiku Way, uscirà
nel 2017 inoltrato.Di lui Yomiuri Shimbun ha detto :
“Poeta di haiku ampiamente conosciuto … come uno champagne secco e vintage”
(16 Settembre 2002, pubblicato in un articolo di giornale in occasione del suo compleanno in visita a Tokyo)Intervista con la rivista Sonic Boom a proposito dei dipinti bianchi nello haiku:
http://media.wix.com/ugd/61020d_87ad491fe433421b87e2a87033aca1ad.pdfNHK TV Giapponese filma Alan per una pubblicazione  chiamata L’Europa incontra il Giappone – Alan’s
Haiku Journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VS36AGVI6s Una breve biografia:
http://www.unitedhaikuandtankasociety.com/biographies.htmlBiografia e lista di saggi e articoli :

selected and translated by Lucia Fontana

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Photo by Gianni Rossi

Martin Pescatori by Gianni Rossi


6 comments on “#44 Haiku and Bio by Alan Summers, 2017 April 24th

  1. Marvelous ku !
    I’ve really been caught by this poem . You float from natural elements – water and fire – to a air’s creature ending on yourself, earth’ s one. . .
    The embrace with life and the Tao is in evidence, but at a first sight we can be just amazed by the beauty showed in the matching of images. A journey, a wonderland poem straight to the heart. Thank You for having submitted to Chanokeburi this haiku-pearl dear Alan Summers!

    My most heartfelt congratulations !

    Lucia Fontana

  2. Lucia:
    The pairing of the photo is well done.

    The second kingfisher haiku I’ve read of yours.
    I suppose there are more.

    Jan Benson

    1. Thank you!

      I’ve written three others, and surprised I haven’t written more. Again, the above haiku is one from direct experience. They are amazing bullets of bright turquoise belting up the river, and to increase the alliteration a blur of tropical water droplets. I was lucky enough to go on a boat tour, nothing more than a skiff, just Karen and myself and guides, along the mangrove river. To see almost every kind of kingfisher (and kookaburras) in a short stretch was incredible.

      rain ceases
      as I leave the sycamore…
      one more kingfisher

      Alan Summers
      Blithe Spirit vol. 14 no. 4 (2004)

      kingfisher summer
      the weight of sunshine
      on water

      Alan Summers
      Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum, 2013 Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku

      splitting the sky
      a kingfisher lifts a branch
      off the breeze

      Alan Summers
      Award Credit: Best of Mainichi 2014 (Japan)

      I feel that this haiku is much closer to capturing what I see and experience so far:

      rain then sun. . .
      the kingfisher’s lustre
      in a heartbeat

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