Briefly Reviewed by Randy Brooks

Sunflower Moon / Luna di un Girasole / Sonnenblumenmond by Lucia Fontana (2019, Red Moon Press, Winchester, VA) 86 pages, 4.25” x 6”. Four-color card covers, perfectbound. $15 from

I believe Sunflower Moon / Luna di un Girasole / Sonnenblumenmond is Lucia Fontana’s first collection of haiku.  Each haiku appears in her original Italian with translations into English and German. As she is a Buddhist psychotherapist, I am not surprised that in her postscript she states, “My feeling is that Haiku is Beauty, and it is a soul-gong. Awareness released in a short poem. Haiku shares life’s wonder even of what seems invisible. I strongly believe in the evocative power of haiku and its healing nature” (no page numbers). The collection is arranged as a sequence, beginning with haiku about being a daughter: rustling leaves / i can’t recall my father’s / last caress. Then a young woman seeking romance: giving in to love / the last dandelion / in autumn wind. The title poem focuses on desire: all that longing / to be together / sunflower moon. Of course, love often comes with difficulties: heart full of love / i cannot give / prickly pear. There are some wonderful haiku of pregnancy: little koi flips / singing to the womb / my baby kicks and motherhood: her little fist / inside my hand… / holding the sun. The last portion of the sequence emphasizes independence and accepting oneself as in this haiku: dandelion fluff / half blown away / my life and the last haiku in the book: mediTango… / with backward steps / i return to myself. This is an excellent collection of haiku that shares Lucia Fontana’s life of awareness, healing, and imagination. She lets us hear and feel the resonating rings of her life’s soulgong.

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